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Micah I Mentoring

Genesis Pathway Support (GPS): All of Genesis’ programs are academia based, but we employ rigorous training in the areas of respect, caring, self-control, accepting responsibility, and citizenship. We employ training through role play, daily interaction, and the actual consistent enforcement of standards and rules at the Genesis Center. We use the following modalities of the LTM/GPS:

  • GENESIS AFTER SCHOOL We immerse our children in events through Genesis After School. This immersion incorporates events that meet social & cultural needs.
  • SOCIAL & CULTURAL IMMERSION: Girls of Virtue Gala/Boys 2 Men/Summer Enrichment Program Off-Site Experiences (camping, field trips, museums, library, college visits) Think-Quest -a cooperative learning program, allows our students to interact with other students all over the world, through computer technology to solve problems, understand other students’ culture, and even complete various assignments.
  • EDUCATION: We employ both a direct and indirect learning methodology. The Genesis’ direct methodology employs instructional learning. Genesis’ indirect methodology employs learning through experience.
  • FAMILY INCORPORATION: We involve parental and parental guardianship at intake which establishes and promotes ongoing support commitments from the family.
  • CONTINUED EDUCATION: Genesis is pleased to partner with Statewide Colleges and Universities to ensure that our children have an opportunity to pursue a college education.
  • WORK-FORCE DEVELOPMENT: We also network with Work-Force Development for job training and placement for our children. The Genesis Center however takes the lead in developing partnerships with local businesses to place our children in jobs and afford them work experiences. In addition the Genesis Center offers on-site job placement.

Micah II Mentoring

Micah II Mentoring program for children of prisoners serves children ages 4-18 living in two Florida service areas in which major state and federal correctional institutions are located. These facilities house more than 18,000 inmates, The central Florida project service area includes the counties of Lake, Sumter, Orange, and Osceola. The Florida panhandle services are being facilitated by Reclaiming the Land, Inc. They are located in Tallahassee Florida.

Nationally, 7.3 million children have at least one parent in jail or prison. Sadly, 70 percent of these kids are doomed to follow in the same footsteps as their parents becoming imprisoned at some point in their lives. In fact, children of incarcerated parents are five times more likely than their peers to commit crimes. However, these at-risk children are largely ignored before they get in trouble.

Education and orginizational training

No one organization can single handedly drive a mentoring movement. An authentic mentoring movement is achieved by embedding quality consistent mentoring into a diverse community, of organizations and schools.

Main Street @ Genesis Life to the Max program offer services to school, and non-profits that serve our youth specifically throughout the State of Florida, but also across the country. We come in and address the three (3) most critical challenges faced when trying to develop state of the art, mentoring programs.

Those (3) Challenges Are:
  • The gap in mentoring services
  • The quality and consistency of services
  • Community & civic engagement
The Benefits of our Training Will Include:
  • Programmatic support to help navigate the challenges of funding/technology/retaining mentors.
  • Palpable measurements that monitor progress and allow for the success evaluations annually.
  • A fostered sense of shared mission among all members of the LTM Training Cooperative, which includes annual meetings throughout the State of Florida.
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